Welcome to ProdTrac Ltd Manufacturing Business Software With full traceability at its heart Controls your business from purchase ordering .... .... through to sales invoicing (including synchronising with Sage Accounts software) .... including full stock control, stock valuation, batch/assembly costing and much more. Production can be controlled manually or through production planning (optionally linked to sales orders) Sales order processing Full product management including business, financial and technical information Product details Product accounting Allergens in product HACCP/QA documents and details Product nutrition calculation ProdTrac software can assist food businesses to meet legal requirements Assembly/recipe formulation Extensive suite of business management and technical reports
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The Software

ProdTrac is a leading UK software design company. Our flagship program was originally launched as an affordable system to help small and medium size food businesses meet all legal requirements for food and raw materials traceability. Around this core, the program extends to involve all business functions : purchasing, production, technical, stock control, sales and finance.

Through progressive development it now finds application beyond food industries, to be applicable to any small to medium manufacturing business that needs to maintain control over stocks, supplier and customer control, complex multi-level assembly production, product costings and profitability, batch control, and extensive business reporting. Its excellent and extensive business management features will help you understand and have visibility of all the key business activities that will improve your control over your business, reducing your operating costs, eliminating wastage and maximizing your profits.

Through our ProdTrac customer feedback program we are continually upgrading our software by listening to what our customers need to give them better control over their business.
Retrieves accurate multi-level forward, backwards and sideways traceability information in seconds and supports BRC Global Standard for Food Issue 6 for quantity check and mass balance.

Key Business Models Included
  • Forecasting & Production Planning.
  • Purchasing to invoicing operations/Links with Accounting Systems.
  • Complete Business and Manufacturing Costing Analysis.
  • Recipe Management and Costing.
  • Full Stock Management including Location and Transfer control.
  • Reduce your recall costs.
  • Complete 100% Traceability, forward\backwards\sideways,of ingredients and products.
  • Shelf life,rotation & stock management.
  • Manage online web orders.
  • Pricing history for raw materials,suppliers and customers.
  • Invoicing control and systems for speeding up payment.
  • Cash flow management.
  • Customer relationship management tools.
  • Reduce your insurance liabilities because you can prove traceability instantly and accurately.
  • Save time and money gathering business,manufacturing,technical and costing information via instant reporting.


ProdTrac Also Controls
  • Shelf Life Rotation Control
  • E-commerce control
  • Bar-coding and Scanning Operations
  • Production Planning with Automated Batch Control
  • Recipe Weighing
  • Product Assembly
  • Production Batch Control
  • Complete 100% Traceability,Forward,Reverse and Sideways
  • Complete Allergen and Additives Traceability and Control
  • Complete Nutritional Control and Labeling
  • HACCP/BRC Control
  • And much, much more……………


Brand Protection

How does your brand protection measure up? One step back, one step forward-traceability is not only required by regulatory bodies, but also a deal breaker with vendors. Over and over, traceability is proving itself to be the key to brand protection. In today’s market, brand protection is evolving into a measure of competitiveness. Processors are offering customers and vendors peace of mind by striving to put measures in place to reduce risks. How difficult is it to achieve true traceability throughout an entire production process? What level of traceability do regulators, customers, and vendors expect throughout the production process? When does traceability deliver bottom line results, and when is it just another hurdle companies have to contend with? So how do you measure up?

ProdTrac offers and exceeds all the traceability requirements by law and more.

That’s all there is to it…

  • No tedious, disruptive and time-consuming discussions, visits and surveys
  • No reports, proposals, presentations and contract negotiations
  • No trying to reconcile conflicting competing claims
  • No protracted training and implementation with continuing supplier dependency
  • No uncertainty about whether the right choice has been made nor the ever-present risk of (expensive) failure
  • No capital outlay
  • No debt (balance sheet friendly)
Nobody does it better - and it only works for us if it works for you

Using Microsoft’s latest development language and tools we provide a unique approach from an exceptionally successful and rapidly growing company. Suitable for all types of food manufacturing, and manufacturing, large or small. Innovative concepts and the most up-to-date technology get you there. Through our ProdTrac customer feedback program we are continually upgrading our software by listening to our customers and what they need to keep them ahead of their rivals.