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ProdTrac Limited is an established software design company. We understand the practical needs of client companies and develop software solutions that are easy to use and can be integrated with major accounting software. In addition, as part of the total business solution philosophy of ProdTrac Limited we are able to offer:


  • Consultancy advice in areas of food legislation, quality assurance systems and related technical solutions
  • IT consultancy to minimise the costs and maximise the benefits to business
  • We have decades of experience in the food manufacturing, software design and computer hardware industries. This amalgam of skills has ensured that software and hardware solutions are professionally created to be of real value and benefit to users in food manufacturing and distribution environments.


With the current precarious financial situation, it’s become essential for businesses to analyse how their company is working and look at ways to improve and modernise. Small to medium food companies especially need to reduce wastage, manage costings better, improve production methods and keep ahead of any legislation. ProdTrac Limited realised there was a niche in the market place for a sophisticated but affordable business software package for small to medium sized food businesses, to provide maximum benefits with the minimum of administration time, to enable any food company to analyse their data to help them streamline the business, make savings, and maximize profit.

Traceability is a key word in any food business and will become even more important in the years ahead and the only real way to tackle this responsibility is to have the right system in place that can handle both business and legislative hurdles, ProdTrac is such a system

Under European food safety regulations you must be able to trace all materials used in food manufacturing or processing on demand.

Our own research has revealed that many food manufacturers are still relying on paper-based records to meet the legislation. While the phrase “information on demand” is a little vague, not being able to respond to a product recall in a reasonable time frame could have serious consequences for your business.

Whether you produce process or distribute food, the new regulations are likely to affect you. By law you must supply full traceability on all substances used in food processing. This includes raw ingredients and food contact packaging, and the distribution and destination of the final products. By implication, it also requires tracing of materials through production and processing stages.

Collecting, recording and collating so much data using a manual system would, at best, prove onerous. Accessing the data under the time pressures of a product recall can be a nightmare.

Yet any business involved in continuous improvement and/or value engineering programmes must have data to base decisions on. For once the legislation may prove to have beneficial side effects that far outweigh the perceived costs of installing suitable systems.

Tracking and tracing operations collect information about all of the actions completed in each step of the production process. By knowing the costs of each step you can understand where to focus your continuous improvement efforts.

Every organisation and its processes are different, but there are several modular systems such as our own ProdTrac system that are easily adaptable with existing equipment and networks and, more importantly, affordable.

Efficient traceability systems are a “must have” in today’s legislative world. Pressure will be applied from the major retailers, so it is better to be prepared. In addition to making your business compliant, the ProdTrac system provides better quality information on demand. Data that can be used to drive improved profitability. In short, it’s time for paper-based systems to be filed and consigned to history.