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ProdTrac is a full business management system, with automatic traceability functions, that can manage all operations from purchase ordering through manufacturing to sales invoicing. At key points, data can be exchanged with Sage/TAS/QuickBooks accounting database for the synchronisation of administration records – suppliers, customers, products, etc. And most importantly, after invoices have been created in ProdTrac, those transaction details can be exported to your accounting package for financial management.

ProdTrac monitors and controls the movement of all batches of goods. This means that the system is not only used for traceability purposes,100% forward and reverse traceability, but that it also maintains real-time stock levels for valuation and shelflife rotation. The actual usage of materials in production batches means that accurate manufacturing costs can be calculated, and manufacturing variances can be analysed. Product wastages can also be monitored and costed on a batch basis.

The key point to be emphasised is that all data is held centrally in one database. Password protection of each program module means that you have complete control over the access rights of each user, from no access to read only to full update permissions. As any new transaction is recorded into that database, all users are seeing up-to-date information. This means that all reports are drawing on accurate real-time data. And the fact that the information is stored in database format means that it can be extracted in limitless ways to create technical, manufacturing and financial reports. Profit and loss reports or the trading histories with suppliers and customers will be continually updated as daily transactions are recorded, this gives you control over your business on how, where and when your money is being used and wasted. Analysing this data will help you streamline the business, make savings, and maximize profit.

Brand Protection

How does your brand protection measure up? One step back, one step forward-traceability is not only required by regulatory bodies, but also a deal breaker with vendors. Over and over, traceability is proving itself to be the key to brand protection. In today’s market, brand protection is evolving into a measure of competitiveness. Processors are offering customers and vendors peace of mind by striving to put measures in place to reduce risks. How difficult is it to achieve true traceability throughout an entire production process? What level of traceability do regulators, customers, and vendors expect throughout the production process? When does traceability deliver bottom line results, and when is it just another hurdle companies have to contend with?

ProdTrac offers and exceeds all the traceability requirements by law and more.