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One of ProdTrac’s key features is that all data entries are menu-driven. This minimises the time taken to enter any information, avoids the need to duplicate work and makes sure that records are entered and stored in a consistent way, irrespective of who has used the program.

After the basic data – suppliers, customers, materials, recipes, etc – have been entered once, all further activities are carried out by selecting the appropriate record from a list. This means there is a high degree of validation, avoiding opportunities for keying errors or selection of invalid data.

The best way to learn how to use ProdTrac is through using it. To this effect, any mistakes that are made are easily reversible. This encourages the user not to worry about making mistakes during the early stages of use.

There is no repetitive typing at any time. For example, a complicated multi-item purchase order can be created in less than one minute and is ready to be printed, faxed or emailed to the supplier. When the ordered ingredients are delivered, the purchase order details are displayed and automatically entered into the goods received record.

At every stage of operation, stock levels of ingredients and products are automatically adjusted. So whenever ingredients or packaging are received or used in production, or a product is manufactured or ordered and allocated for despatch, there is always an accurate display of current stocks, with automatic stock valuation if required.

The program has been developed in a modern way using the latest computer technology, making it fast to operate with screen designs that are simple to understand and pleasant to use. If you are familiar with Microsoft Office products you will be comfortable using ProdTrac.