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Pricing starts from as little as £45 per week (£6.43 per day).

Our recommended Total Business Solution is the monthly rental of user licenses for ProdTrac. A low-budget monthly payment entitles your company to full use of the ProdTrac system installed on your computer system, and to automatic full support and maintenance:

  • free upgrades to the core system are made available to all users, based on enhancements and improvements suggested by our customers.
  • free online training/assistance using Goto Assist Corporate Software
  • free telephone assistance in office hours and 24-hour on-site response to correct any major software failure.
  • free technical support for the software (configuration and database maintenance), including via remote access if configured.
  • full product support (bugs and fixes).
  • detailed user manuals and documentation.
  • participation in the ProdTrac user feedback programme for future enhancements.
  • Payment terms are by monthly standing order. You are not obliged to contract to a minimum period of use for the system, but we do require 3 calendar months’ notice with payment if you should subsequently decide to cancel the agreement.

You’ll find that the cost of a user license is surprisingly low. This is because we appreciate the need for small businesses to realise value for money. If you wish, an installation can start with a single user, but additional users may be added at any time; we would be pleased to quote for this if the need should arise. ‘Users’ are defined by concurrent access to the database, you may actually have many more interchangeable operators on the system.