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ProdTrac is a business management system written especially for the food manufacturing industry.. At its core is a comprehensive and powerful traceability suite, around which are built fully integrated manufacturing and administration modules. It is this structure that makes it a unique tool for small and medium sized food businesses.

ProdTrac manages all standard business transactions – purchasing, goods-in, stock control, production planning, manufacturing, sales order processing and invoicing. But in addition, because the software is designed for the food industry, it incorporates customised features for that application, such as multi-level recipe management and costing; allergen, additive or GMO tracing; vendor appraisal and control; batch status control; quality review history, and much more.

Easy set up module


As a Sage Partner, ProdTrac is able to offer a seamless integration between ProdTrac and Sage Line 50, permitting the two-way exchange of administration and accounting information, thereby eliminating the need for double-keying of information.

Easy data setup


In particular, throughout purchasing, manufacturing and despatch transactions ProdTrac is able to record accurate stock level changes, manufacturing costs and full tracking of ingredients, packaging and products. When the user is finally ready to exchange data, financial information from ProdTrac invoicing and purchase orders can be exported to Sage with a single click, using Sage’s own import routines.

Simply select which invoices you want to export or select all


Simply select which purchase orders you want to export or select all


ProdTrac software can be licensed with a low-cost monthly rental payment, making it particularly attractive to small and medium sized businesses.