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Before thinking that ProdTrac will cost you money to operate, just think seriously about the savings that it brings to our existing users and realise what it can do for you. One of the major benefits found by ProdTrac users is its easy means of monitoring and controlling stocks of raw materials, work-in-progress and finished products.

Typical pre-ProdTrac situations included:

1. Starting a production run only to discover there is insufficient packaging in stock or on order. Consequences were wasted manufacturing materials, loss of sales and loss of confidence on the part of the customer.

2. Carrying out a physical stock check and finding batches of raw materials past their use-by date. Consequences were that the ingredients had to be destroyed and the following week’s manufacturing plan had to be revised.

3. Not being able to find any stock of an essential ingredient, so urgently ordering more at a premium price. Only to find later that the missing stock was hidden behind other materials in a store. The consequence was that the ingredient was then overstocked and some eventually had to be destroyed.

4. Despatching product batches out of rotation, then finding that the only stock available didn’t have the minimum shelf life demanded by the customer. Consequences were that the shortage had to be manufactured on overtime to satisfy the customer requirements. Remaining stocks of short life product had to be stripped from outer packaging, repacked and sold at cost to a discount outlet.

With ProdTrac, none of these situations would happen. Every batch is uniquely identified and the central database knows its location, its current stock level and its durability date. Whenever any is needed for use in production or for despatch to customers, ProdTrac will advise the oldest batch for 100% stock rotation, will indicate its whereabouts and its stock level.

And more than this, it also controls batch status. If a batch is quarantined or rejected for any reason, those details are recorded in the system and that batch becomes unavailable for use. In effect it is ‘invisible’ to all users without the authorisation to control its quarantine status.