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Why Owners/Managers choose ProdTrac

ProdTrac can actually help you enhance your brand value, improve operations and achieve a quantifiable return on your investment.

    • Review purchasing and sales trends
    • Review current purchasing and manufacturing costs to get instant advice on selling prices to maintain profit margins
    • Executive summary shows last month’s trading to see turnover, profit and loss on purchases, sales, products and customers
    • Easy creation of sales invoices with automatic exporting of purchase and/or sales invoices to an integrated popular accounting software system (you can choose from Sage Line 50, TasBooks or QuickBooks)
    • Production forecasting. Automatically analyse past performance to get an accurate forecast of products to be made and/or raw materials to be purchased
    • Fully customised reports allowing both an overview and detailed view of your business from all aspects
    • Program versatility allows it to be used around your current day to day operating.


  • And much more……

You can see how, where and when your money is being spent or wasted, giving you a better control over your business so you can maximize profits and minimizing administration time.

2. Why the production managers want ProdTrac

  • Instant updating of stocks. As soon as a transaction is recorded at goods in, production or sales allocation, the new stock levels of all ingredients and/or products are immediately calculated and updated.
  • Easy transfer of full or part batches between storage locations on the system.
  • Easy stock checking, by individual locations if required.
  • Immediate updating of stock values – purchased materials, work-in-progress or finished products
  • Immediately see goods that are approaching end of shelf life.
  • Automatically analyse sales orders or production plans to se e raw material requirements, current stocks, availability and/or deliveries awaited.
  • Automatically issue daily batch records to production showing quantities to be made and ingredient batches to be used for best shelf life rotation.
  • Automatic calculation of manufacturing costs. The latest cost of manufacture of a product batch (including yield and labour information if required) is always used to update current cost price for that product.
  • And much more……

3. Why the technical managers want ProdTrac

  • Immediate forward, sideways and reverse tracing of ingredient and product batches between goods delivered from suppliers and products despatched to customers.
  • Analysis of supplier performance measured against delivered quality and on-time deliveries.
  • Immediate recipe costing. New and existing recipes are always costed against the latest purchase price of ingredients.
  • Allergens tracing. Information on the presence of allergens and/or additives in an ingredient is automatically fed through recipes to indicate the presence of all such alerts in sales products.
  • Quality Reviews module ensures the reliable recording of all tests carried out on a batch of goods. Password protection ensures that only the technical function has control over changes to the quality status or shelf life of any batch of goods. Batches with an unacceptable status are not available to any other users of the system.
  • Automatic validation of delivered goods or manufactured products, e.g. to ensure they are not delivered with short shelf life or outside of preset temperature tolerances.
  • Approved supplier control. You can set which materials can only be bought from individual suppliers. Goods cannot be bought or received from non-approved suppliers.
  • Track Supplier certificates. Supplier certificates (BRC, ISO) expiry dates can be traced allowing you to only buy from relevant certified suppliers.
  • And much more…..

4. Why the buying department wants ProdTrac

  • Administration control ensures that ingredients or packaging can only be bought from approved suppliers.
  • Instant review of current purchasing prices to decide cheapest supplier.
  • You can set purchase prices by unit (e.g. Kg) or by pack (e.g. 25Kg case). ProdTrac automatically calculates and displays the right information in a purchase order.
  • Handles multi-currency, always defaulting to the normal trading currency for an individual supplier
  • Instant analysis of live purchase orders to see: delivery programme; receipts against orders; overdue deliveries; fully completed/part completed orders
  • Call off staged deliveries against purchase orders.
  • Advice that current stocks are at or below the required minimum.
  • And much more…..

5. Why the selling department wants ProdTrac

  • Easy entry of sales orders either as a new order or by mirroring an existing order or setting up a daily, weekly or monthly standing order.
  • Off-site field sales managers can enter sales orders remotely
  • You can choose to add new sales requirements automatically to a production plan
  • Promotional prices can be preset to automatically apply in relevant sales orders
  • Instant analysis of product-specific business with individual or all customers, by volume or value
  • View sales trends
  • Instant profit-and-loss analysis by customer/product, right down to batch level over any chosen date period
  • Interrogate for lapsed customers, new customers, etc.
  • And much more……