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ProdTrac was initially introduced as a cost-effective solution designed to assist small and medium-sized food enterprises in complying with essential legal regulations concerning food and raw material traceability. Evolving from this fundamental purpose, the program encompasses a comprehensive array of business functionalities, spanning procurement, production, technical operations, inventory management, sales, and financial aspects.


Order materials from a pre-vetted list per supplier, accommodating different currencies and exchange rates where necessary. Facilitate orders based on unit or pack sizes for streamlined data input. Seamlessly dispatch a formal purchase order via email directly to your designated supplier.

Goods In

Conduct thorough validation of materials against respective purchase orders or directly receive items from designated suppliers. Capture essential data including quantities, expiration dates, and designated storage locations. Document critical HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) particulars, such as material temperatures within predefined acceptable ranges, ensuring adherence to stringent food safety regulations. Generate a traceability label to enable barcode scanning throughout the rest of the software.


Execute production runs for all in-progress and retail products, adhering to the distinct recipe for each product. Precisely allocate material batches and quantities to ensure meticulous traceability. Optionally utilise barcode scanning for precise assignment of correct batches. Document essential production details including HACCP and QA parameters such as temperature, supplemented by 12 fully customizable headers.

Sales Orders

Effortlessly generate sales orders by associating specific products with each order according to individual customer preferences. Facilitate pricing retrieval either by customer specifications or by referencing a categorised list tailored to customers. Alternatively, streamline the process by importing orders directly from your website or via an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) partner, minimising the need for manual data entry.


Attain comprehensive traceability by meticulously linking manufactured goods to sales orders, specifying batch details and quantities. Streamline this process by leveraging barcode scanning technology to guarantee precise and error-free data entry.


Efficiently produce invoices derived from allocations to dispatch to your clientele. Alternatively, automate invoice creation from the initial sales order initiation. Seamlessly transmit the invoice to customers through the integrated print menu for swift delivery.


Comprehensive documentation of the aforementioned key data enables the tracing module to present complete bi-directional traceability. Trace product batches backward to identify their origin and track the customers who received them. Additionally, trace raw materials forward to precisely ascertain the batches utilised across multi-level recipes.


Bespoke report writing allows you to extract the information that you need to make your business succeed, whether that's Cost of Sales, Traceability reports, MRP, Material Usage and many more.

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