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ProdTrac Manufacturing Software

Welcome to ProdTrac, the pinnacle of efficiency and precision in food manufacturing software solutions. At ProdTrac, we understand the complex landscape of the food industry and the crucial role that technology plays in streamlining operations. Our cutting-edge software is meticulously designed to empower food manufacturers, large-scale producers, and distributors by providing a comprehensive suite of tools tailored to enhance productivity, ensure compliance, optimise inventory management, and maintain rigorous quality control standards. With ProdTrac, harness the power of innovation and technology to revolutionise your food production processes, ensuring seamless operations and superior quality at every step of the way.


ProdTrac Benefits


Reduce Recall Costs

ProdTrac retrieves accurate multi-level forward, backwards and sideways traceability information in seconds reducing time and effort and ensuring no unnecessary risk is taken.


Improve Cashflow

Enhance cash flow by optimising material procurement to align with production demands, thereby ensuring the procurement of the precise quantities required, thereby avoiding unnecessary expenditure on surplus materials.


Effortless Production Planning

Seamless integration of production planning and procurement involves leveraging real-time stock data for informed decision-making, enabling timely assessment and strategic ordering of additional materials


Technical Data

Develop comprehensive product labeling with detailed ingredient lists, inclusive of allergen information and QUID (Quantitative Ingredient Declaration), ensuring compliance with current regulations. Compute precise nutritional values and maintain a centralised repository for supplier details and material specifications, facilitating convenient accessibility and regulatory adherence



Multi-level traceability


Desktop & Android app functionality


Material Requirements Planning


Bespoke Report Writing


EDI and Website Order Integration

Our Happy Clients

"The flexibility of the software and the extensive reporting feature is fantastic. As a BRC accredited factory we find ProdTrac invaluable for traceability. It helps us control all aspects of our business from raw material intake through to production and final despatch of finished product. Regular updates and bespoke tweaks to additional screens/reports means the software grows as new demands come in from accreditation bodies/H&S requests."

Iftikhar Azam, Director, Ruperts Ingredients

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